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Get More Reviews

Snap21 clients get 50% of their happy customers to post online reviews. The industry average is only eight percent!

Improve Your Reputation

Snap21 understands you need reviews across multiple websites and review platforms like Google.

Happy Client Referrals

When a Snap is sent to your client, it is branded for your business. Every social share is getting your brand out there.

How does Snap21 benefit Auto Dealerships?

More Reviews

More Referrals

More Revenue

To get more referrals, first, you have to ask!

The Snap21 Process

It starts with a Snap!

Personalise the customer experience – capture an emotional moment.

Unlock the next level of customer engagement with our Snap&Share photo capture app!

Simply Snap a photo of your customer with their new vehicle during delivery, enter the customer’s name and mobile number and Snap21 does the rest!

The Photo Delivers Stronger
Customer Engagement

Asking for your customer’s feedback with a photo review request enhances customers’ open rates and increases the likelihood of receiving a review.

Snap21 also amplifies the response rate with our simple and easy review process.

Customer Engagement

Photos with Branding

Branded reviews

Personal Brand Association

The photo you just took is branded with your custom dealership frame and sent to your customer, requesting their review.

It becomes a personal brand association that visually connects your customer to the Dealership.

The Photo Motivates Customer Social Sharing

Customers are far more likely to share the photo, introducing their new vehicle to family and friends, while promoting your Dealership and sales consultant.

Snap21 makes customer social sharing easy!

Social Share
Review stats

The Photo Captures Higher Customer Star Ratings

By personalising the customer’s experience, you will receive reviews with higher star ratings.

The Photo Increases Your Volume of Captured Customer Reviews

The photo elevates review capture rates to 55% on average. In addition, a high volume of current photo reviews helps you stand out from the competition.

Review Share

Review Share

Review Share

Review Share

Photo Reviews have Greater Merit

Photo reviews are more authentic, credible, and instantly relatable. As a result, they’ll have more influence on the decisions and choices of prospective car shoppers.

Promote Customer Satisfaction - Customisable Website Widgets

Multiple display options are available across your Website and vehicle pages promoting reviews, team members, star of the week, and dealership recommendation rating.

Homepage Widget Screenshot


Reputation Page


Self-Promotion Made Easy - Sales Consultant Reputation Page

Each sales consultant receives a personal Reputation Page in the Dealership’s web portal. This page provides an opportunity for your sales staff to self-promote, link to your social media, and display their favorite client’s reviews to elevate awareness for your brand and themselves.

Expand Your Reputation - RapidShare Social Sharing Links

Branded social sharing links deliver a simple, easy, and professional way for you to self-promote your reputation. You can even add this link as your email signature.

Reputation Sharing


Looking for more Service Department Reviews?

We’ve got you

Our service RO integrations get the reviews rolling in without you lifting a finger!

Fix bad online reviews

Search results are critical!

Just one bad average rating can catch attention spoil your online reputation. Our ReputationBoost algorithm monitors the ever changing search results for your company daily and targets the one where your customers voice will be the most valuable.

Elevate and Sustain Your Dealership’s Reputation

Monitor online review presence, identify sites where reviews will make the most significant impact, auto-target sites, and distribute review requests for increased ratings/index score. Improved review spread, volume, and visibility.

Reputation Perception Report

Google Search Results


Earn Greater Reputation Exposure

When new customers are searching, you’ll get found by ranking higher in the search engines.

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